What Should You Wear at a Las Vegas Casino in 2021?

What Should You Wear at a Las Vegas Casino?

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Unlike playing a game of cards online, comfortably in your night PJ’s, land-based casinos need you to adhere to their dress code. Like the ones in sin city, Las Vegas, land casinos have a particular atmosphere and ambiance that push you towards following their “vibe.” The elegance you feel is not coincidental. It is an intricately choreographed image represented by the perfect attire, ensuring that your fellow high-rollers have the time of their lives. 

The Casino Dress code: A History 

The current Las Vegas Casino dress code culture can be traced back to more than a century. During the fabulous ’60s, renowned public figures like Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davies Junior made casino nights look slicker and more modern with a relaxed setting. However, in recent years, people have adapted to a more contemporary style, adding freedom to picking the right outfit. There are still minimum dress requirements that must be met to be allowed entry on the main floor. You do not want to get restricted to the machine sections when numerous casinos are offered every next day. 

Dressing Rule of Thumb 

When you see the casino in movies, everybody is dressed to the T with designer tuxes in place and gorgeous maxis sparkling from the distant table. However, this is highly unlikely in reality. If you feel completely lost at what to adorn or pack, trust your flow with the grounded rule of thumb: do proper research.

Generally, it is always a good idea to do your digging by browsing the casinos’ websites you plan to visit. Not all casinos are made the same, so it is always better to do a bit of homework before planning anything for the trip. To make things simpler, there are some basic rules that you can choose to follow. These will help set you up with mental peace and success no matter where you go. While some places may require you to be extra formal, the following rules are bound to save you from a major faux pas. 

  • Avoid wearing sneakers
  • Say no to flip flops
  • Worn-out or dirty clothing is out of the question
  • Once the sun sets, do not wear shorts

For men, collared shirts or casual button-downs seem more appropriate than a yellow tee. As for women, blouses and dressy tops can turn some heads at night. In a nutshell, the more high-dollar a Vegas casino is, the more excellent you should dress. 

The Vegas Casino Dress Code 

Nobody wants to be turned red-faced or be sent back to the casino threshold just for wearing the wrong shoes or the wrong type of jacket. Some upscale casinos like those in Las Vegas can be strict, so do not be from the lot that didn’t receive the memo. If you cannot find information on a casino online, try calling or emailing them to ask. 

The following breakdown of the Vegas casino dress code will help you get the impression of the usual clientele, so you know what you are getting yourself into. 

  1. Casual Wear

Nowadays, Americans tend to be less formal compared to Europeans. In Las Vegas, most casinos are hotel establishments, so it is useless to assume everybody will show up in the proper formal attire. The managers cannot coerce the tourists and local visitors to come to the check-in counter wearing a sleek black tux. 

The climate of Nevada stays warm throughout the year; hence, you see people roaming around mostly in shorts, tees, and flip-flops. However, that scenario changes after 6 pm as more people make an effort to dress up for the long evening. Men who are generally found at the table games wear a dark suit while the women have cocktail dresses. If you do not want to dress up or risk the embarrassment of either being under or overdressed, consider wearing your best button-down semi-formal dress or shirt. You can never go wrong with a flat piece of clothing. 

If you are definite about visiting a casino in Nevada, you will be required to wear elegant clothing more often than not. Certain casinos, however, allow guests to enter in casual attire. 

  1. Semi-Formal 

One of the most common dress codes at the Las Vegas casinos is semi-formal clothing. Women have to wear a shining cocktail dress paired with flat or heels, based on their choice, while men are expected to wear a business suit, dark shoes, and a tie. 

  1. The Black Tie 

The classic “black tie” attire is usually needed for the significant events organized at the Vegas casinos. For the women, ties can be paired with long evening dresses and high heels, while men can take up a white dress shirt, black bow tie, a dark dinner jacket (preferably black), waistcoat, and black leather shoes. You can see the best example of the description mentioned above in one of the greatest casino movies ever produced, the Casino Royale. 

  1. The White Tie 

The most formal dress category amongst both men and women has to be a white tie. A white tie dress-up is only needed at private events that take place in Vegas casinos. Women are requested to adorn a long evening gown paired with unique accessories such as tiaras, hairpieces, and gloves. Men have to wear a white bow-tie, a signature white waistcoat with a black jacket and matching trousers. 

  1. Business Formals 

The “safe-belt” for all casino junkies is the business formal you wear at an office job. You may tweak the look for more formal needs but fear of getting overdressed for a casual night out is out of the question. Business formals also give you the comfort that you will not mind spending the entire evening in. For men, business and semi-formal attire are almost the same: optional ties, leather shoes, and a dark colored button-down shirt. For women, pencil skirts with stockings or hose work like magic! The dresses can be paired with jackets over a silk blouse and accessorized with understated jewelry. 

Comfort Above Everything Else!

It cannot be stressed enough, but comfort is key. Make a note about trying everything in advance, so there is no surprise on the big night out in Vegas. Limping around the casino in a tight outfit and uncomfortable shoes is a recipe for disaster, the perfect way to ruin the mood – no matter how perfect you look. Casinos can be huge, and if you are having fun, the fun night out may extend long enough for it to become a sunny morning stroll. Indeed, you do want to make a statement but while you are at it, make sure it is comfortable.