Top Casino Games to Play at Caesars Palace

The Most Popular Casino Game at Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace is probably the most famous casino in Las Vegas. The large complex also includes a 5-star hotel and several world-famous restaurants. It opened its doors for the first time in 1966. The interior and exterior of the complex impress with their ancient Roman style.

The Casino Is Most Famous for its Poker Room

Caesars Palace is most famous for its large poker room with sixteen tables. It is open 24/7. This venue hosts some of the highest-ranked poker tournaments in the world. Two of the tables are in the so-called VIP lounge. They are reserved for high-stake games.

In the Caesars Palaces poker room, you can try your luck in a game of Pai gow poker. This rare variety of the game is a version of the traditional Chinese dominoes played with cards.

Each poker table has a USB charger and an automatic shuffler. All players can enjoy refreshments and drinks on the house while they play. 

James Bond’s Favorite Game                                                

If you want to try something easier than even 3-card poker, then come sit at the Baccarat table. This is James Bond’s favorite game, and Caesars Palace is one of the best places to play. You get only two cards, and the sum should be closer to 9 to win.


Caesars Palace’s games list is incredibly long. However, classical Roulette is the princess of them all. This is probably the most loved game of fortune in the world. The rules are so simple that nobody bothers to learn them in advance.  For a start, you can just bet on black or red. You either win or lose.

Why don’t you play at Caesars Palace’s roulette table on your birthday and bet on that single number? The odds are 35 to 1. You win if your guess the winning number and color.

Alternatively, you can bet on a whole column on an even or odd number. In all of these cases, the odds are 2-1. You can place your chips between two numbers. In this case, the odds are 17 to 1. If you place your bet on four different numbers, the odds are eight to one, and so on.  

What is the Most Expensive Room at Caesars Palace?

People who come to Caesars Palace to gamble away at least several thousand dollars a night usually book a room to match their high living standards.

The most expensive rooms one can book at Caesars are the Octavius Tower Villas. Spreading over more than 10,000 feet, each room is the size of an ancient Roman villa. The villas are right above Caesars Palace’s system of swimming pools called The Garden of The Gods.

If you can spend $30,000-S40,000 a night, you’ll be treated like a Roman emperor! Each suite goes with a private butler and reflects a different epoch. Some are decorated like 15-century Spanish mansions, while others have the air of spacious Grecian palaces.

Caesars Palace’s Luckiest Lady

Every casino has an amazing story to tell. At Caesars Palace, this is probably the story of a certain Sheila King. In 1991, Miss King put a 500 bet while playing a slot machine at won the mind-blowing sum of $250,000, which is over $400,000 in today’s money!

But her story does not end there. While waiting for the fat check, she made $500 bets on two other slot machines and won $50,000 each time. So, she won a total of $300,000 at Caesars on a single night. She kept on pulling slot machines’ handles around Las Vegas and won a total of $200 million over the next three years. Sheila eventually ran out of luck in 1994, but before that, she did manage to stash $500,000 of her gambling fortune.

Caesars Palace’s Online Casino

Caesars Palace’s virtual casino is equally impressive. It offers online poker, roulette, and slot games as well as Bingo. You can also try many wheel-of-fortune games. Just download Caesars’ mobile app and start playing.