The 4 Casinos in Monte Carlo

What Is the Most Popular Casino in Monaco?

For almost a century now, the tiny Principality of Monaco has been known as Europe’s gambling heart. It is where the world’s crème de la crème goes to have fun and unwind. No other building in Monaco possesses the solemn grandeur of the opulent Casino de Monte Carlo. This is probably the world’s most famous casino.

Why Is Monte Carlo Casino Famous?

The magnificent Casino de Monte Carlo is famous for many reasons. First, it is more than 150 years old. Its doors first opened for visitors in 1863. Now, the casino charges a EUR 10 entry fee.

 A gambling establishment of this caliber would offer every game of fortune one can think of, but the casino is most famous for its roulette games.

Joseph Jagger – The Man Who Broke the Bank

Joseph Jagger is probably the most famous player and the only one who’s practically beaten the odds at Casino de Monte Carlo’s roulette tables.

Jagger performed his gambling feat in late 1880 or early 1881. Having studied the casino’s roulette tables for a month, he noticed a tiny defect in one of them. Jagger then exploited this flaw to his advantage, betting on the numbers that would appear most often.

He was thus able to turn the several hundred francs he’d borrowed from a friend into about two million. This roughly makes $9.4 million in today’s money. He thus broke the bank at Monte Carlo Casino. The roulette table operators were quick to fix the design flaw after Jagger’s departure.

James Bond’s Favorite Casino

Even if you’ve never set foot in Monaco, you’ve probably taken a glimpse of Casino de Monte Carlo’s splendid interior. That’s because several of the film series about James Bond were shot there. These include Casino Royale (2006), Golden Eye (1995), and Never Say Never Again (1983).

The 4 Casinos in Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo’s four best casinos are much more famous than the casinos in Cyprus. Besides Casino de Monte Carlo described above, there are at least three more casinos to admire in Monaco’s most famous district.

Casino Café de Paris

While Casino de Monte Carlo is all about tradition, this one captivates its guests with its futuristic décor. The focus is on The Star Wars theme. As most of the slot machine halls are windowless, one can easily lose the sense of time while luring their luck.  The organizers have, therefore, provided light patterns that reflect the natural light outside.

Most of the gambling at Casino Café de Paris takes place via different machines. These are slots, video poker, multi-game, multi-player machines, etc. To its more traditional guests, the casino offers classic card games like blackjack and American Roulette. Religious, military, or police uniforms are not allowed in the casino. Apart from that, there isn’t a specific dress code. There isn’t an entry fee either.

Monte-Carlo Bay Casino

This is yet another casino in Monte Carlo with a futuristic interior and many slot machines to choose from. There are 145 of them, located in two different parlors. This is probably because croupier’s fees in Monaco have risen drastically over the past few years. Slot machines, on the other hand, are mostly self-service.

The casino is on the ground floor of the high-rising Monte Carlo Bay Hotel and is open from 2 in the afternoon until 2 in the morning. The Bay Casino is among the few casinos in Monte Carlo with an open-air gaming area. There is no dress code, and the minimum bet you can make is one Euro cent.

Sun Casino

This is the favorite spot of rich Americans who come to Monaco for their summer holiday. At Sun Casino, they can enjoy a wide variety of card games such as Stud Poker, 3-card Poker, and even War Game. There is also a traditional American Roulette hall and a vast slot machine area.

Try Your Luck in Monaco

If the information above makes you want to visit Monaco and Monte Carlo, do not hesitate to book a flight! Most of the casinos are free to enter and accept small and big bets alike. If you can’t afford the trip, you can play via their mobile apps.

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