How Much Do Casino Dealers Make?

How Much Do Casino Dealers Make?

Casino dealers are considered an essential asset to the Casino industry. Dealers stand day and night on multiple tables around the gambling arena on various board games, where people challenge their fate and try to maximize their profits. Local surveys and research show that, on average, a rookie casino dealer can make up to $8-$10 per hour; however, this can vary with his/her experience and interpersonal skills.

Does Every Casino Dealer Earn the Same Base Salary?

Many casinos have high rolling stake tables, on which only seasoned and elite dealers are allowed to operate. The dealers working along high profile personalities and millionaires have increased working hours and a more significant per hour pay rate. With flexible working hours, casino dealers can work in multiple shifts and earn an extra pot for themselves. 

With the high influx of gambling card games and extended casino hours, dealers can make a fortune if they stay committed and invest prolonged working hours on Poker tables. Every game has a different pay rate, whether Black Jack, Russian Roulette, Texas Holdem Poker, Baccarat, etc. Many gambling companies’ signup dealers for a minimum base salary, but dealers can capitalize their daily earnings by earning players’ gratitude in the form of tips. Statistics show that an elite casino dealer can earn up to $174,00 annually, excluding overtime bonuses and casino tips. It is almost impossible to make a living out of $80 a day; card dealers are also humans and have to spend on their family and pay for all necessities of life. To overcome their financial strains, they invest prolonged hours on casino tables to get extra tips from big-shot gamblers and regular players.

Famous casinos and casino business firms uphold the integrity of their name and provide two weeks of training to card dealers before their official joining. If the dealer stands out and is quick with hands and sharp in memory, he/she can get the dealer’s seat on the table. There are hundreds of casino dealers operating at once in a casino on different games and tables. Every dealer has a different pay scale depending upon his/her experience and performance. If a dealer invests his entire life dealing cards, he/she might end up getting a $25 per hour salary and other incentives and additional bonuses. 

How Much Do Casino Dealers Earn from Casino Tips?

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While betting on high stakes and high pots, millionaires and social figures spend a dedicated amount on tipping the card dealers and other casino staff. If a dealer aspires to earn more than just a basic salary, he/she must be a people person who welcomes each player with a smile and cheerful attitude. A successful casino dealer has fast hands and reflects compassion and courtesy through his actions. 

Gamblers and sophisticated card players always keep a close watch on their cards and bets; whenever they feel blessed with a winning pair of cards, they randomly tip the game dealer. Seasoned and professional dealers serving an elite group of people can earn up to $10,000 a year or even more. A card dealer works hard to earn tips and rewards, but he/she must establish a strong reputation on the table for this. At times, the number of tips also depends upon the social circle of the dealer. If the dealer is lucky enough, earning even $50 in tips from a single table becomes easy.

It is a moment of joy and happiness for amateur dealers when business people and tycoons join at their table, as they tend to give high tips after every hand. Special casino tables are reserved for VIPs and distinguished dignitaries, on which only experienced and qualified card dealers facilitate the gameplay. If you are a dedicated and enthusiastic card dealer, you can make your way to elite poker tables, where blinds increase with time and gamblers shower tips after every big win. Poker is an addiction in which players invest their time and a high amount of money; with every passing hand, the desire to overcome the loss increases. 

If the card dealer shuffles and provides a specific player with a pair of high winning cards, the player returns the favor by paying a tip to the dealer. 

In most casinos, the tips are gathered at the end of the shift and are evenly redistributed among card dealers. The rules and policies of every casino also impact the total earning of a card dealer. However, the card dealer can work in multiple casinos in multiple shifts and make a handsome amount through tips.

Does Attitude and Personality Affect a Dealer’s Overall Earning?

Just like every industry, in the services industry, your attitude and gestures reflect your overall personality. If you are a confident and welcoming card dealer, you might attract a more significant number of players to your table. The more influx of players betting and playing at your table, the more you can earn in the form of tips. Seasoned and professional gamblers tend to have their designated card dealers at the casino, which are only stationed on specific tables. 

Casino card dealers are smart enough to anticipate crucial game moments to earn the gratitude and respect of the players in the form of tips. During high-pressure games, the card dealer must hold onto emotions and react according to the situation. If you mess up numbers and pots, you might get sacked. Dealing cards is considered an attractive and rewarding job, but you need to be humble, decent, and street smart for this. 

Always Welcome With a Smile!

A card dealer should always welcome players with a smile, as a sweet gesture tends to create a positive impact and establish good playing terms. From the start of the game, the dealer must make a friendly bond with guests on his/her table, as compassion and kindness are considered very rewarding in the services and casino industry. A card dealer must control emotions and treat every player at the casino with compassion and warmth. The more pleasant and friendly you are with your guests, the more tips and respect you can earn while facilitating them.