Best Slots in Vegas & Loosest Slots

For most travelers to Las Vegas, the first pit stop is frequently a casino. Slot machines are the most profitable and enjoyable games accessible, whether you are a seasoned casino player or just getting started. Slot machines have repeatedly shown to be popular among players. The income generated by slot machines is extremely profitable for casinos and other entertainment places.

Nevada Gaming Control Board reports the Las Vegas Strip has over 160,000 slot machines in 40 different sites in 2019, producing almost $270 million in monthly revenue.

While these figures benefit casinos and their owners, slot machines are also acknowledged to be the most rewarding game in a casino for the player.

On average, slot machines provide a return to player (RTP) of between 75 and 98 percent; in other words, for every $1 a player spends, the slot machine will return 75 to 98 cents to them. Because everyone can press a button, Las Vegas and other places known for their casinos pack their halls with slot machines, despite the high RTP and profitability. The player can place a little individual stake; commitment is never a priority. To win big, neither a poker face nor true expertise is required.

Best Slots in Vegas

RTP: Return To Player Rates

However, in order to benefit from slot machines at the maximum level, research is still suggested, such as reading about user experience on specific games and reviewing the RTP at each Las Vegas casino.

The return on investment (ROI) is likely the most crucial aspect to consider when choosing the best slot machine to play in Vegas. The RTP % indicates how often the slot is to pay off.

Testing a slot’s RTP % with a bet is an amateur technique to find out. For example, if a slot machine advertises a 94 percent payoff, the payback after a $100 bet would be around $94. While this strategy appears simple, it is not appropriate for all players.

The best approach to finding the greatest slots in Vegas is looking through message boards, internet threads, and comparison sites with slot reviews. Players are encouraged to share their slot machine experiences on popular websites. However, the majority of their reviews focus on the amount of money they get to keep after playing.

Another tip for locating one of the better slots in Las Vegas is to keep an eye out for special offers. Customers who join the casino’s player’s club enjoy access to exclusive games, receive free slot play, and become eligible for freebies on their next visit.

The advantages are enormous, especially when the slot machine rounds are free, boosting the already huge reward.

The most profitable slots are referred to as “loose slots” since they pay out the most money to the player and are consequently highly sought after by customers. A characteristic of lucrative slot machines, Progressive jackpots have become a popular technique to turn a few hundred dollars into millions.

When compared to national lottery games, progressive jackpots provide more prize money. In addition, they can quickly become a millionaire in a single evening.

According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, dollar slots payout 95 percent of their winnings on average, 25 percent slots payout 93 percent, and 5 percent slots payout 90 percent of their winnings.

Where Can I Find Loose Slot Machines in Vegas?

Where Can I Find Loose Slot Machines in Vegas?

Slot machines in downtown or other non-Strip venues pay out one or two percent more than those on the Strip. Locally frequented hotel-casinos, such as Sam’s Town, pay better than the city’s tourist hotels. When it comes to determining which facilities in Vegas have the greatest slots, Nevada locals are well aware of this fact. Furthermore, newer and more opulent hotels are notorious for having the lowest total RTP percentages.

The Bellagio, Venetian, Mandalay Bay, and Wynn are among these hotels. Slot machines do not have to be the most lucrative asset because the amenities of these hotels are out of this world (at least to the player). However, some of these opulent hotels offer fantastic rewards and entertainment, resulting in a more significant slot machine payoff. For example, the Bellagio offers a slot tournament with 2,300 games to choose from. In addition, the Bellagio slot machines can turn tiny bets into millions thanks to jackpots and progressive features.

In general, the best slots in Vegas are found in the North Strip’s older casinos. Slot machines, especially themed slots, may appear trendy and sophisticated, but it does not mean they provide the best payoff. Instead, traditional and antique-looking games may provide a better return on investment.

A good-looking slot machine can fool the brain chemistry into gambling more money than planned, similar to the endorphin surge of a “win.” With this in mind, a straightforward slot should be considered to assist gamers in gambling sensibly and winning large.

Rather than continually playing Star Wars or Avengers slot machines, gamers should keep an eye out on the casino floor for the more dated and less enticing slot machines. However, many of them have a high return on investment (ROI) and have endured the test of time.

Circus Circus Casino

Circus Circus Casino in Las Vegas houses one of these seemingly underappreciated slots. Classics like “Double Diamond” and “Red, White, and Blue” are among the songs included. They are the best slots in Vegas, despite not being the flashiest.


Slots-a-Fun is a classic that features slot machines and an arcade, pool tables, bowling, and other activities. Their slots have proven to be the machines that will produce the next big Vegas winner time and time again. However, as previously stated, these slots are not at a handy location for tourists on the Strip. A general rule of thumb to remember is that the more touristy the casino, the lower the slot machine payback.

While the slots on the Las Vegas Strip have a win percentage of around 8%, the slots in Reno and Boulder have a higher casino win percentage of about 5%.

Eastside Cannery, Sunset Station, M Resort, Jerry’s Nugget, Texas Station, and Boulder Station are just a few of the casinos in Reno, Boulder, and North Vegas. However, when seeking for fantastic slots, location should not be the only factor to consider. Some seasoned gamblers and blogs suggest that the best slot machines can be found in the corners of a casino.

Where Else Can I Find Loose Slots?

loose slots in vegas

The loosest slots in the casino can be found near elevators, the front desk, aisles, showrooms, registration areas, and other high-traffic places.

To play a slot machine, some people do not even need to go to a casino. The best way to find the best slots in Vegas is to go to an entertainment venue.

The first places to avoid playing slot machines are airports, convenience stores, and grocery stores. Despite the bulk of them being in clean and well-run premises, their slot machines do not provide considerable profits.

These three locations have in common that slot machines in airports, convenience stores, and grocery stores are all owned by major corporations under Nevada law.

Given this, it should come as no surprise that the slot machines in these establishments have a far lower payout percentage than a regular slot machine in a Las Vegas casino.

Despite the fact that convenience store proprietors can lease or buy slot machines, Nevada law changed to give larger corporations control over the machines and their payments. Because they have leased the space from a larger firm, Nevada grocery stores are the only places where slot machines are lawful. Therefore, grocery stores should be avoided when it comes to slot machines, despite providing somewhat better odds than the first two.

Megabucks and penny slots have been the loosest slot machines in the last 12 months. Megabucks has the tightest slots, with a casino win percentage of almost 11%. Even though the win percentage is not the highest, penny slots are the most popular denomination.

Megabucks has some of the best slots in Vegas with the most money to be won. In 2014, a man playing a Megabucks slot machine at Rampart Casino won a $14 million jackpot after five minutes of play on a $20 bill when the machine paid off.

This isn’t the only time a Megabucks machine has paid out. For more than two decades, Megabucks has provided life-changing prizes for many gamers.

“Dream big. Win big” is their tagline, which perfectly captures the casino’s achievements. Even if players just invest $1 per spin, there is always a chance of winning the $10 million jackpot.

There are many casinos in Las Vegas that provide some of the best slots, in addition to Megabucks and Slots-a-Fun.

According to many websites, O’Shea’s, Stardust, and older casinos on the Strip’s north side are the best spots to go for great and profitable slot machine wins.

Palms Resort comes closest to having the loosest slots in Las Vegas, with an average game payout percentage of around 94 percent.

Lower-paying slot machines are often grouped together on the casino floor. The most popular slot machine on the floor, those near the table games, and those near the poker room are just a few examples. Because there is too much action in all of these places, the RTP does not need to be very high, whether from various games or other slots.

It’s also a good idea to be informed of which slot machines should be avoided. The reason for this is the polar opposite of why the greatest slots are the best: the poorest slots have a low payback percentage.

Due to its poor RTP, several slots, including Blueprint Gaming’s Wish Upon a Jackpot, Ash Gaming’s Adventures in Wonderland, and Cryptologic’s King Kong, have been added to the global list of worst slots available in Las Vegas.

The RTPs of various software companies that specialize in slot machines reflect their reputations. While some developments have been criticized for having low percentage paybacks, others are known for having high RTP rates in their slots.

Top 5 Slots to Play in Vegas

Wheel of Fortune

Hundreds of individuals on the North Strip choose to play the Wheel of Fortune slot machine. The Wheel of Fortune game may be found at practically every casino in Vegas. There are approximately twenty-four different variations of the slot machine game, with the majority of them including numerous progressive slots and jackpot games for the winner. In addition, slot tournament contests offer various bonus rounds that allow players to spin the money wheel with free spin features for an extra cash award. The Wheel of Fortune has the ability to turn millionaires in an instant, making it extremely popular.

Double Jackpot

If you prefer vintage slot machines, try your luck at the Double Jackpot machines made by Bally Technologies, one of the industry’s leading manufacturers. The reels of Double Jackpot resemble those of a conventional fruit machine, including symbols such as cherries, bars, bells, and sevens. The Triple 7 combination, doubles, and singles display as points, representing the gamblers’ wins. The Double Jackpot game is a straightforward slot machine that requires a few spins to turn a lucky player into a winner. You can win a lot of money playing double jackpot slots. For example, you can earn 50,000 by scoring five Double Jackpot game symbols across the reels, and landing a Double Jackpot sign in a regular winning combination can win you up to 16x multipliers.


Because of its history of million-dollar payouts, the Megabucks is the king of slot machines. Megabucks has the tightest slots, with a casino win percentage of almost 11%. For more than two decades, Megabucks has provided life-changing prizes for many gamers. “Dream big. Win big” is their tagline, which aptly captures the machine’s achievements. The world’s first wide-area progressive jackpot game, Megabucks has been rewarding lucky winners with life-changing sums since 1986. This jackpot resets to $10 million, so you can win big.

The Monte Carlo

Locals and visitors alike find the Monte Carlo slot machine to be one of the most fascinating. There are many multipliers, incentives, and free spins available. The presence of the roulette wheel button directly above several of the spin button reels is the main feature of the Monte Carlo slot game. The Monte Carlo is popular in the players club of tourist hotels in Vegas because it combines roulette and slot machines into one machine.

Triple Red Hot 7s

If you prefer traditional slot machines, the no-nonsense Triple Red Hot 7s machine will undoubtedly appeal to you. The Triple Red Hot 7s slot machine is one of the most popular in Las Vegas. It’s noted for having a lot of different reels and a high level of volatility. For added fun, the slot game includes simple bonus rounds that triple the winnings. Triple Red Hot 777 slots are a slot machine with a refreshing, old-fashioned simplicity that combines sharp and exciting modern qualities in one machine.

IGT avoids turning the free Triple Red Hot 777 into another hectic slot by keeping the reels to three and including various multipliers. Free spins and a randomized Spitfire Multiplier feature are all that the bonus round offers to the game, so it doesn’t overcomplicate it.


A slot machine can turn an average player into a millionaire or provide an affordable and responsible amount of fun on the Las Vegas casino floor at the push of a button. The idea is to be prudent and only take risks that you can afford to lose. Therefore, it’s crucial to inquire around and attempt some classic spots with a track record of success. Reading about the user experience on certain games and reading the RTP at each Las Vegas casino are two examples of research that can help you benefit from slot machines at the highest level.

The return on investment (ROI) is likely the most important aspect to consider when choosing the best slot machine to play in Vegas. The RTP % indicates how often the slot is to pay off.

Testing a slot’s RTP % with a bet is an amateur technique to find out. If a slot machine advertises a 94 percent payoff, the payback after a $100 bet would be around $94. While this strategy appears simple, it is not appropriate for all players. Otherwise, you can go straight to the best casinos in Vegas that have the loosest slots. Don’t only be dazzled by design; bet money on the thrill! The Bellagio hotel and casino, MGM Resorts, Treasure Island, Caesars Palace, and Mandalay Bay hotel and casino are just a few of the greatest casinos in Las Vegas that offer fantastic gaming and bonus round opportunities. So, what are you holding out for? Grab a ticket to play a slot machine at any of the casino showrooms in Vegas.