What Atlantic City Casino Has the Best Return to Player Rate?

What Is RTP Percentage?

RTP means Return-To-Player. An RTP percentage is the amount of cash a game of fortune returns to the gambler over a certain number of rounds. Some games have higher RTP than others, but this doesn’t mean that you’ll win every time.

Let’s look at the following example. If a slot machine has an RTP of 91%, this means it will return 91 cents on every inserted dollar in the course of at least 1,000 games. More often than not, this number is 1,000,000!

The Casino Wins Most of the Time

Even if a card game or a video game has a high RTP, this does not mean that you’ll get back over 90 cents for every dollar you bet. This is because every slot machine has a secret formula guaranteeing the random distribution of the winning bets.

This formula ensures that down the road, a player will eventually win the jackpot, but nobody knows when! That’s why they keep coming back to try their luck. And that’s the whole thrill of gambling! Therefore, experienced players always know how much they can afford to bet in a particular game.

Average RTPs in Card Games

Card games usually have a higher return to player rate than slot machines. Let’s have a look at the RTPs of some of the most popular casino card games.

5-card Poker

This RTP rate is difficult to estimate, especially in professional tournaments. The game involves accurate calculations and skills and a bit of luck. The video version of the game has an RTP between 97 and 99 percent.

3-card Poker

The three-card variety of the world’s most popular card game requires less skill to play. It has been estimated that a player stands just under a 45% chance of winning a hand. The computer version of the game appears to be less popular.


Theoretically speaking, classic blackjack has an average RTP of over 99%. However, the game is characterized by long winning streaks, followed by equally long periods of bad luck. Do not be fooled to think that one always wins at the blackjack table!

What Percentage do Slot Machines pay Out?

The Atlantic City vs. Las Vegas rivalry has been particularly heated when it comes to slot machine RTP rates. Suffice it to say that they are almost equal. The numbers range between 88 and 92 percent, but this does not mean a player has a 92 percent chance against the machine.

This simply means that if you spin the wheel one million times, the machine will give back 92% of the bet money. However, if you only have money for ten spins, then your chance is proportionately lower.

The Importance of House Edge

Most fellow writers focus entirely on the return to player rate when discussing the different slot machines in Atlantic City or Las Vegas. However, the house edge is just as important. Besides, the two factors are interconnected.

The house edge in the casinos in the two cities is between five and ten percent. If a particular slot machine has an RTP rate of about 90%, then its house edge is likely to hover around the ten percent mark. Also, high stake slots tend to have a bigger house advantage than penny slots, which makes sense.

Atlantic City’s Most Generous Casino

Scanning hundreds of forum threads for valuable bits of intel, we find that Tropicana is the most “generous” casino in Atlantic City. This is especially true for low-stake slot machines.

This means that the casino cares for average customers who come to try their luck with a couple of hundred dollars in their pocket.  Of course, you can find slots that take nickels and quarters in some casinos, but no serious player will sit at these.

A decent stake for a beginner is at least $25. If the beginner’s luck is with you, you may enjoy a long winning streak with your bets growing higher and higher! However, a long winning streak is usually followed by an equally long losing one.

However, your hosts at Tropicana may offer you a free night at their hotel or a free dinner for two at the restaurant. That’s why we can agree that Tropicana is the most generous casino!  

When numbers talk, it turns out that Borgata has an average payout rate of just over 91%, while Tropicana’s is just over 90%. If you’re going to gamble for the first time, it will probably be online, as all casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic Cities are now closed. Keep in mind that the RTP and house edge principles are valid for virtual casinos as well.