5 Celebrities Who Are Banned From Casinos

5 Celebrities Who Are Not Allowed in Casinos

It is common to think about the possibility of becoming wealthy through gambling games. While a “yes” or “no” answer is challenging to generate, becoming rich from gambling depends on a myriad of factors. One of the significant aspects is your view on bets, behavior, and quality of the decisions. 

First thing’s first, you must not allow yourself to become habitual of this activity. People who become addicted to the game will never see the light out, nor will they make money. Instead, they will lose to the point of putting their last penny on the line and keep looking for more. Secondly, you need to work on building your gambling skills consistently. The professionals know that it’s their expertise in the game that makes them potentially wealthy. Without it, you have fewer chances of making bigger chunks of money. 

The habits must be maintained, however, when you visit the classic casinos. It is appreciated when you demonstrate how you should or should not act while betting for a game. The best possible instance can be observed through celebrities that are banned from the casino premises. Their stories can be a good lesson of how you should exhibit your persona as a professional gambler. 

The Banned Celebs

Most casino resorts around the world pride themselves on being the cornerstone of professional gambling and luxurious entertainment. Many fine operators in the market provide flawless services and ignore “chance takers” aiming to take their business for a ride. 

Naturally, based on the casino rules, some general etiquettes need to be followed to avoid offending the establishments that have no problem banning big players from the building once things get out of hand. They have a reputation for keeping up. 

The following list mentions five A-listers that were found defying the odds by unique means and got banned from casinos. Let’s read the juicy details regarding their stories to dodge a chop yourself the next time you visit!

  1. Paris Hilton
paris hilton casino story

Paris Hilton, the queen of young and old hearts, has been a media personality for more than a decade. Her casino story took place in 2006 when she was playing poker at her family’s Vegas Hilton casino. However, believe it or not, she got black-listed from her gambling retreat. That happened because Hilton’s grandfather feared for her developing a habit for the game. Despite the disagreement, Hilton lost two hundred grand in a single bet. 

Paris Hilton’s case is truly unique since no celebrity in the history of lousy gambling has been kicked out of their home casino. It is a lesson learned for the rookie players that even when you have tonnes of cash to waste, you need to remain an intelligent gambler. Spending every penny you have on a bet does not guarantee you a fortune. 

  1. Ben Affleck
ben affleck banned from a casino

Ben Affleck has always been the true master of his day job and is known for maybe being a bit too clever. Whether it is starring in his movie, writing an Oscar-worthy script, or mastering the art of card counting, he is more than just a Hollywood star. 

Affleck could be considered a “double winner” for gambling since he is more than a star that counts cards. In 2004, he won the grand California State Poker Championship along with a $365,000 cash prize. He has made two trips to the Hard Rock Casino in the past, winning $140,000 in a single sitting of blackjack and distributing the money to the casino’s staff. While it is not illegal at casinos, it is grounds for barring a player. Affleck found that out when he was banned from entering Hard Rock.

  1. Allen Iverson

One of the most prominent basketball players in recent times, an 11-time NBA all-star that people are bound to remember for years to come, is Allen Iverson. Who would have thought that his not-so-good history of gambling would be another reason for the audience to keep him relevant in the media?

allen iverson basketball player banned from casino

The first ban for Iverson came from the Hard Rock Hotel, California. The casino made the mistake of paying the player ten grand for a bet that he did not win. Any good gambler would return the money to the managers as soon as possible. Iverson, however, did not do that and got kicked out for committing “fraud.”

The Hard Rock moment was not the only time the basketballer faced a ban. MGM and Detroit’s Greektown did the same upon witnessing him throw cards and chips at dealers. As mentioned in the beginning, this is not how you should behave at a casino, especially when you have already lost a significant amount of money. 

  1. Lil Wayne

The rap-god, Lil Wayne’s career, started when he was just nine years old. Since then, he has released many albums that have become a big attraction for music enthusiasts worldwide. He made a total sum of 150 million dollars from his initial gigs alone. The commendable achievements, however, did not save him from the ban at a casino. 

lil wayne casino banning story

Wayne got kicked out of Wynn Las Vegas in 2010 based on the speculations that the rapper defied his probation terms. He was arrested for alcohol violence and drinking at the casino. The real reason for his barring is yet to be known. 

  1. Drake 
why is drake banned from a casino

Everybody loves a good beat from Drake. The charm, cool vibes, and laid-back RnB is a shuffle burner for many music listeners. It does come as a surprise, though, when seemingly grounded music-makers like Drake come under the casino radar for violating basic rules. 

The famous Canadian rapper was witnessed having an altercation with the staff members and got barred as a result. The details of the whole event are still unknown, but what we know is that Drake attempted to place a bet at Vancouver’s best casino resort, Parq, to let off some steam in the odd hours. He was likely targeted by British Columbia’s anti-money laundering regulations that require high rollers to put out the source of their funds. Whatever the exact altercation entailed, Drake would not have faced the charges if he opted for playing in an online casino presented at Playamo, Canada. The latter limits the possibilities for such misunderstandings to take place. 

Just Stay Online

It is important to note that the place where you choose to gamble should be reliable, with a substantial presence on the map. Fortunately, we live in an age where the internet plays a significant role in making lives more accessible and exciting. In the last ten years, many online casinos have sprung up and are offering their services to customers. That way, it is easy to pick out the scammers from the actual players. However, there is nothing to hide. Many internet casinos are only out there to make money, so it is vital to do your research before setting a bet. 

Online casinos can be a good choice for beginners as they can continue to work on their gambling skills before hitting a professional resort. Once they have developed extravagant skills, they can move to the traditional casino and play against professionals. Online gambling keeps your capital safe if you play smart.